"Fred takes golfers back to the pure joy, exploration and excitement we felt as kids--a way of learning that uses instincts we were born with.  It's a journey I know will never end."  

 Paul McGinley, European Tour Player, 

Ryder Captain & Team Member 









What if what you knew about golf were to shift, never to be the same?  What if you could learn to self coach, discovery your ability and deepen your experience of the game?  Fred Shoemaker knows that golfers are far more able than they believe.  In this video, the founder of One of America's Top 25 Golf Schools demonstrates the paradigm of learning/coaching at the heart of his team's work.


Experience this unique way of learning as Fred coaches actor Michael Tucker and a group of golfers in learning how to learn and practice, in learning how to self-coach, access their natural ability, make solid contact, develop awareness/concentration, bring their learning to the course, and much more.


For whom is this video intended?  Everyone.  And anyone wanting to strengthen their capacity to perform, self-coach and learn, including new to experienced golfers, golf professionals, coaches and parents coaching kids. More than an instructional video, Extraordinary Golf is golf education.





This two-hour 10-segment video includes:

 What Do You Want? An Opening Conversation

 Discovering Your Natural Swing            

 Awareness: Learning How to Learn

 Developing Solid Contact

 Putting and Presence

 Handling the Voice in Your Head

 From the Range to the Course

 The Joy of Swinging

 The Practice of Practicing






"After 15 years on tour, my game had changed and become full of judgements. Fred`s ideas helped me re-discover the freedom I felt as a youth.  Once again, I have fallen in love with this truly wonderful game..."  

Søren Kjeldsen, European Tour Player


"Extraordinary Golf is about real learning, about growing as a golfer, and as a person.  It makes playing and practicing golf much more worthwhile!  I don’t believe I could recommend Fred Shoemaker and the whole Extraordinary Golf experience enough. It is truly extraordinary!"  

Jesper Kjærbye, Former Tour player, Teacher & TV Commentator






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